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Are you asking “How will an executive coach benefit me?”

If so, you are not alone.

That is a very common question for executives exploring this idea. Some folks believe executive coaching is only for those who are failing. Not true. Yes, a coach can offer tremendous benefits to an executive who is feeling they are in over their head. In fact, based on the 100’s of leaders I have coached, almost all have felt the “Imposter syndrome”. That is the dull ache in your gut that you are not qualified for this role and if others around the boardroom table could read your mind you would be replaced. This is natural and has a simple explanation for why it is so common.

The core concept of executive coaching is to narrow the gap between desired outcome and current situation. So, even if you are firing on all cylinders and making progress. Layering promotion on promotion while steadily climbing the corporate ladder – an executive coach will still add tremendous benefit. Read more below for some of the key benefits of having a coach in your corner.

BJ can be reached at email: [email protected]   tel: +66895308479

"BJ has been immensely helpful in helping us grow our business over the past three years, from an initial idea to a distributed international consultancy, with a doubling of our revenue over the past year. What makes his coaching so helpful is that he is able to draw upon his hands-on experience developing and running businesses, his work advising and coaching management teams, and his deep understanding of psychology and personal development. His advice and inspiration to have helped to guide us to not only think systematically about strategy, but then to use that thinking to inform the structure, content and processes of our business. There are a number of specific cultural aspects and operational processes in our business today that are directly attributable to the brainstorming and coaching sessions we have had with BJ, and which have made us our company a more efficient, nimble, and enjoyable place to work. "

Peter du Pont, Ph.D.
Asia Clean Energy Partners, Managing Partner

"I approached BJ when I was working in a senior management capacity for a multi-national company in Thailand. I was facing certain challenges with managing a complex business in a foreign environment. BJ provided me with great insight as to how to manage and address these challenges. He helped me identify the most logical and well thought-through solutions to improve and, where necessary, change the situations I was faced with. As a result, I was able to act with more confidence and with a stronger sense of purpose, which led to me finally achieving the goals I had set for myself. "

Helen Featherstone
Sales Director, Global Accounts QuintilesIMS

"Sessions with BJ have been a very valuable input into some major personal and professional decisions I have made over the past year. He is always able to provide an objective framework to benchmark myself against, calls me out where I am not true to my own values and keeps the conversation focused." "

Bin Wieringa
Manager, Bain & Company

"Brian Radomski has been a large part of my professional as well as personal development in the recent years. His sessions and coaching has allowed me to grow and navigate through difficult situations, having impactful communications, fierce conversations and making objective successful choices, in areas where I either held back or struggled before. When encountering difficult situations, he has coached me to step back and look at each situation with fresh and analytical eyes in order to make on the spot or though decisions. "

Elena Broms
Director, Restaurants & Bars - South East Asia & Korea

"I have had the pleasure of working with BJ at a time of crossroads in my business. BJ's skills lie in many facets of business, coaching and strategic planning; extracting what lies within me and consistently probing to help me answer my own questions and doubts, allay my own fears, reverse my own despondency all the while encouraging my desire to change, improve and drive my business in the right direction."

Rik Kher
Founder, Akko India

The areas of focus

What to discuss with your coach

The beauty of coaching is that it is holistic. Our coaching conversations will cover all aspects of your life required to create the awesome results you desire. Some conversations are about colleagues, others about family. Some talks may be about health, others may be about emotions. Using our proven methodology we will follow the needed path to get you your desired outcome at all three levels of your leadership.

Internal Leadership 

The single most important thing in your life is your emotion. It is your emotion that determines how well you perform tasks at hand. It will determine the quality of any conversations or meetings you have. It will even affect how you treat those closest to you – your family. Executive coaching will provide you the tools to master yourself and not be victim to emotions that do not serve you

External Leadership 

As a leader you must be able to create the big ideas. It is part of your role to paint the inspirational vision for your team, department or organization. But that’s not all. You must also be skilled in creating or analyzing detailed plans, budgets and industry information. It is not natural for anyone to be equally comfortable on both ends of the “Big Idea – Detail Plan” spectrum. I can show the solution which allows you to move effortlessly from imagination to implementation

Leading Others 

The role of a leader is to create other leaders. And to achieve some amazing results along the way. But human conflict is a natural occurrence. We are each programmed differently and this can result in poor team performance. As your executive coach, I will show how to manage personal conflict, office politics and how to create high functioning teams. A leader is judged by the results and we know the results made by teams far outreach any one persons accomplishments

Your coach: BJ Radomski 

A little background:

You want a coach that understands the sleepless nights, relationship stress and boardroom battles that face most executives. You also want a coach who is excited by the next big idea and appreciates the passion and energy of building your business, your dream, your legacy.

Since 1999 BJ has coached executives on three continents. He brings to executive coaching a rich blend of business background and the most current discoveries in Executive performance.

As a business owner in both Canada and China, BJ fully understands what it means to have the ultimate responsibility. The coaching you will receive is rich from his studies in coaching methodologies, neuro-semantics, brain science and the real-life scenarios from the vast number of executives BJ has coached.

BJ can be reached at email: [email protected]   tel: +66895308479

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