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It was in the 90's, I was 32 years old, running my own business with three hundred great employees and feeling pretty good about myself. It was nice to drive a jaguar and travel the world, but it was hell to suffer stress, ulcers and finally be warned by a heart surgeon that I would soon be on his operating table.

That was my moment. That was when I realized there had to be a better way. Dying for money is just not smart. I looked around and saw I was not alone. Most busy executives I knew suffered in their jobs. So did their families.

That got me started on this path.

 My path was about adding a new type of education. Not just the business basics of marketing, finance, operations and HR – but much more.

Learning the science and psychology needed to sustain the challenges and pressures of business while staying in a healthy resourceful way.

This education started with coach Training from the “Father of Coaching”, Thomas Leonard himself ( http://www.coachville.com/connect/founder-thomas-leonard/) continued with becoming a certified instructor of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, a certified assessor for Emotional Intelligence, Certified in Neuro Semantics field of Meta-Coaching, Eriksonian Hypnosis and even more challenging, NS Meta Group & Team coaching.

I applied these learnings into my two businesses, and the results were terrific. Over the past 17 years I have been sharing with others in my professional coaching and training practice.

Over the years, what I think inspires me the most – is that coaching is holistic. When a client comes to me with a challenge or goal in their professional life, the path forward will usually create greater results in their personal life as well. I should mention that most clients also start to focus more on bettering their health and fitness as well. (Research shows results tend to drop rather quickly after one collapses under stress, pressure and frustration.)

The beauty of coaching is that using my style of coaching methodology, it does not matter your profession or challenge – we always find a path forward. The real wonderful surprises occur sometimes in a single session when a client hears a question they have never been asked before.

With an early background in performing on stage, it was a natural transition for me to add my group trainings and workshops. I have delivered trainings, workshops and keynotes in house for local start-ups and to events with thousands of participants.

Asia has been my home since the year 2001. First living in China then serving all of Asia from my base in Thailand.

I am very passionate about coaching and the topics I teach. It would be my pleasure to learn more about you and together we can determine a solution to support you on your path forward. If not my services, I would be pleased to suggest someone else who better meets your needs.

A partial list of local & global clients include USAID, Bain Consulting,  Boonrawd Brewery- Singha Beer Company, Phillip Morris, Behn Meyer, AEON, GFK, Mosdorfer, Knill-Gruppe, Danieli, Technicolor, TH Milk, and others.

BJ can be reached at email: [email protected]    tel: +66895308479



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