Are you responsible for your company's training?

You are under pressure to bring in training that is appreciated by the attendees and shows an R.O.I. to management. 

 Office shelves are filled with dusty training binders that create no real difference. Training organizers are under pressure to provide important and easy to implement workshops.

I will custom create workshops that exactly meet your needs and link them to your organizations prior workshops.You will look like a training hero as your team leaves with immediately applicable knowledge and skills.


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Customized Content

You have your own company culture, your own vision, mission and KPis. You deserve a custom tailored workshop designed to give you the exact results you want. 

Previous Workshops

To create continuity in your training programs, we will review your organization's prior trainings and link the previous workshops to our new content. 

Email Follow-up

After each workshop, we will summarize all key learning points. These points will be sent to each participant in a series of emails. This will re-inforce and remind of the course content.

I-Value Academy

CEO: Ms. Vũ Thị Mỹ Chinh


Start-up Vietnam Foundation

Ms. Mandy Nguyen - Business Development Director


KOVA Paint Group

Marketing Director: Ms. Nguyen Truong Thien Ly


KOVA Trading

CEO: Mr. Nguyễn Duy


PNA Consulting

CEO: Mr. Phạm Trung Hưng


Start-up Vietnam Foundation

Mr. Nguyễn Minh Phúc



Learn the two factors to your Peak Performance & Flow state


We have all had the experience of losing ourselves in our work or an enjoyable pastime. It is the feeling when you start to focus on the activity and suddenly everything just flows. You lose track of time, you forget to eat – you just stay in that activity until suddenly you look at the time and see hours have passed. For most of us this a very enjoyable, but quite rare experience. We call this highly focused mental state “Flow”.

Would you like to know how that happens? Would you like to be able to access that “Flow” state whenever you choose – rather than having it happen by accident?

This program draws from a several decades research project to understand the science of maximum productivity and happiness. You will learn to create massive results without the cost of massive boredom or stress.

Thai Language Training

Kanya Manathaworn is a certified Small Business Coach and a certified NLP Practitioner. Attaining a Masters degree in International Business Management from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia provided Kanya with the resources to enter into her family businesses. Owning and operating her own apartment block, restaurant and hotel prepared Kanya for her next step in her professional career as a Certified Small Business Coach. She has also been delivering training in Communication, Coaching skills and NLP Essentials since 2013.

Coaching Skills

Develop others to their highest potential

Since coaching was first introduced in the late 1980’s, it has revolutionized how to impact performance. However, the term has been mis-used and often is mistaken for mentoring, training or advising.

The confusion has kept many organizations from accessing this goldmine of a performance improvement strategy. BJ Radomski was trained almost 20 years ago by the original founder of the coaching movement and has since added the latest breakthroughs in Neuro-Science to create the ultimate in coach training. This workshop teaches the true meaning and skills to coaching. This course will teach the early model of performance coaching and include the latest from neuro-science to deliver transformational coaching. You will leave with the keys to maximizing performance in others and your self.


Eliminate stress, anger, frustration & have a great day everyday


Self-mastery is all about being in control of your emotions. Not only is this important for the Leader, but it critical to motivate and retain your staff. You may have heard the line “People join companies, but they quit managers”. 

What we have learned is very common for leaders to let their emotions master them rather than they mastering their emotions. An example that affects many is the haunting feeling of overwhelm that can keep leaders up at nights, stealing sleep and affecting their performance the next day. Also, leaders will sometimes be lacking motivation, not doing the work needed until the last-minute deadline approaches and they are fueled by coffee and adrenalin, frustration, anger and especially the big killer - stress.

Business Jigsaw

Create the Big Picture for your business

For over 100 years the usual way to describe and design a business has been with a traditional business plan. This linear multipage document is excellent for linear analytical thinkers. This is only about 23% of the population. For the rest of us who are not linear analytical thinkers, we have devised a simple to use and easy to share model called the Business Jigsaw.

 In this highly interactive workshop we walk you through each of the 9 core elements of your business resulting in a multi-colored one page Business Jigsaw. This is excellent to do with senior managers for a business and also to do with each separate department creating their own jigsaw. With all department jigsaw hanging together on a wall you can easily see where there is synergy and where your organization has dis-connect.

email me! Lets design awesome training for your team

Communication Profiles

Easy steps to understand everyone AND be understood

In the early 1900’s Carl Jung identified that human beings have different preferred patterns of communication. Since then much research has been completed and many tools designed to help assess the different profiles and tips on how to improve communication.

Some of the more popular tools are MBTI and DiSC assessments. In this workshop, we learn the concepts these tools are based on and add the newest learnings from Neuro-Science so you can simply design the profile that suits you best. What we once saw as a personality we now know are habits. In this session you will complete a “MAPS” personality profile and then establish simple steps to highlight your strengths and develop in areas of weakness.

Contact me to learn how I can help you

Whether you own the organization, or in charge of the training and development. I understand your challenge and the pressure to ensure your participants get real value. I will make you look like a hero!

Building Teams

Why it’s unnatural for teams to work together – and what you can do about it

Regardless how clear you vision and goals are – chances are you will not create the greatest success unless you involve others. The human brain is designed to both want to be on a team and to individuate and not be on a team. You will learn strategies to respect each person’s individual style while still creating a team that works together.

Much research has been done on team dynamics over the years and in this workshop we will get to the core issues preventing your team from being the best it can be.

Please note, this is not a typical outdoor team building exercise where you work together to solve a puzzle or play a game. As good as those are – this is something quite different. We are in a meeting room and actually dealing with real issues and solving them on the spot.

Operational Jigsaw

A simple template to align your vision to measurable daily actions

There are many moving parts to any organization. A challenge faced by many is the development of a system that incorporates all aspects of the business from Vision to HR to Tracking systems/Meetings to Systems & Processes. I developed this tool to bring all aspects of a business together which highlights areas of strength and clear points to develop.

Together we diagnose and develop solutions for your business in a simple step by step methodology starting with vision, and cascading down to the daily/weekly meetings where measures are followed. You are left with systems to convert your hectic business into a smooth running operation.


Learn the 100 year old tool that built Procter & Gamble

OGSM stands for Objective, Goal, Strategy and Measures. This model was first used in 1919 by Proctor and Gamble. It achieved much fame in the 1950’s after being shared by highly successful Japanese companies.

This methodology is an easy to learn tool that cascades goals throughout an entire organization. It is much simpler than a balanced Scorecard and can be your tool for creating alignment in your department of entire organization. This is simple in design and easy to roll out through entire organizations.


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